• Bright-Goh-Veg
    HPMC Capsules

    Bright-Goh-Veg HPMC (Hypromellose) capsules are an economical choice for vegetable capsules.

    Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC) is a modi ed methyl- cellulose. The dry product contains 19-30% methoxyl- and 3-12% hydroxypropyl groups. HPMC can be derived from tree or cotton fiber.

    3. Ideal Suitability for Hygroscopic Products
    due to low sensitivity to changes in humidity and extreme stability at low moisture levels.

    4. Great Machine-Ability and Suitability
    Bright Goh-Veg capsules are as resilient and flexible as gelatine capsules. They run very well on virtually all (99, 9%) high speed automatic encapsulation machines.

    5. Consistent Quality
    due to in-house developed, specific and patented manufacturing processes and technologies. They are the right choice for price-conscious customers with high quality demands.

    Pullulan Capsules

    Bright-Poly Pullulan Capsules are produced on a purely biological basis. We o er Bright Poly Pullulan Capsules in an USDA organic version.

    Pullulan is a naturally occurring cell wall component of vegetable organisms. The bland and tasteless polymer consists of maltrotriose units connected by α-1,6 glycosidic bond.

    2. Optimale Oxygen Barrier
    The oxygen barrier of pullulan capsules is 300 times stronger than for HPMC capsules and 9 times stronger than for gelatine capsules. They provide optimal protection for active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) from oxidation resulting in improved stability and prolonged shelf life of nished products. The pullulan film is impermeable to oil thus pullulan capsules also provide effective protection to oxygen sensitive API oils.



    Gelatine Capsules

    JC-Caps® the classical within the Bright Caps Capsules:

    Already in 1996 we sold our capsules under the trade name JC-Caps®.

    To ensure that we only produce the nest capsules, we follow strict GMP rules and

    • Purify our own water
    • Use only world-renowned brand gelatine and raw material
    • Accept material from cGMP certified vendors only


    Gastric Acid
    Resistant Capsules (GAR)

    All our capsules are also available in GAR formulation (according to Ph.Eur.). ey provide the best delivery systems for enzymes, live microbes and oxygen or acid sensitive materials intended to pass gastric acid for nal and rapid release in the bowel.

    Our products are available in all common sizes and a variety of colors.