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    As of now, the intelligent capsules of Bright Caps are also available for our European clients. They are not only kosher and halal certified but even vegan – quite the trend of times.

    An overview of our capsules:

    • Bright-Goh-Veg-Capsules HPMC Capsules
    • Bright-Poly Pullulan Capsules
    • JC-Caps® Gelatine Capsules

    All our capsules can be supplied as Gastric Acid Resistant.

    Our philosophy is that the highest quality is engineered into products and can only be kept by strict quality monitoring. All products are manufactured in GMP certified plants conforming with the monograph requirements of USP, Ph.Eur., JP and CP.

    Innovative product development and production technologies make us a pioneer in vegetable capsules. Exerting a high machine availability our products are running very well on virtually all (99, 9%) high speed automatic encapsulation machines. They are available in all common sizes and a variety of colors:

    Welcome to the world of Bright Caps.