• Quality is not a coincidence but the result
    of high standards and strict control.

    Our production takes place at two GMP-certified production sites
    with specifically designed manufacturing facilities.

    We see quality as an integrated system based on the following principles:

    Production Sites

    All production sites were designed and constructed according to applicable GMP guidelines and received regulatory certification.

    Certified Equipment

    Bright installs and uses only equipment and instruments certified for quality and engineering worthiness by competent authorities.

    Best Quality Materials

    Exclusive ingredients of best quality supplied by renowned vendors are used. Each plant purifies its own water that far exceeds any drinking water standards.

    Knowledgeable Staff

    Regular trainings and education is provided for all employees with regard to GMP quality standards. University education is mandatory for key personnel.

    On-Site QC Laboratories

    On-site laboratories are installed in every manufacturing site. Each laboratory is equipped with advanced testing instruments suitable for product quality monitoring.

    Audits & Inspections

    In addition to routine annual self-inspections, audits are conducted by competent authorities but also by customers.